The Teeth & The Wounds

by Control

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MaxViolence Album of the year canditate for 2016 in my books. A true hidden gem in the underground scene, but something tells me this band won´t stay hidden for long. No fillers / All killers! Favorite track: Cold Teeth.
Camryn Marquez
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Camryn Marquez This record is amazing. The sense of adrenaline, anger, and fragility coalescing with destruction is exemplified perfectly in the triad that is the music, lyrics, and cover artwork. This music is raw and honest and easily worth your money. For a debut album, these guys hang easily with "Murderworks" era Rotten Sound and anything Nails has put out. Bonus points are awarded for the lack of triggers and the like. Favorite track: Mine.
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White hot, cold blooded, deadly, bleeding and raw. Heavy music that cuts deep and makes no attempts to dress it self up. Live instrumentation without punch-ins, click tracks, triggers, etc. If you want aesthetic perfection, there is plenty of plastic out there for you. If you want something heavy and real, you've come to the right place.


released January 1, 2016

Jesse Bellino - Drums
Martin Rygiel - Studio Bass
Kurt Ballou @ Godcity Studio - Recording/Mixing
Robert Cheeseman @ Godcity Studio - Assistent Engineer
Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege - Mastering



all rights reserved



I've been lost in the void for so long, I'm gone. It's good to see you. The blade needs to cut deep, that's why you're here. The Blood must be spilled. You know this. My feelings are through the edge and the time for my voice, here. You will know me. ... more

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Track Name: Mine
You owe the system blood, sweat and time
And you're lucky to owe
You can't live without it, no other choice
That's what you're told
No choice is slavery
I won't obey
My anger is right
I want revenge, revenge for our lives
And I will fucking take it.

My life
My time
I take what's mine

You want a say
You crave a piece
You answer to me
My life is mine
Track Name: Cold Teeth
The way you make me feel
I can't stand your weakness
You let it slip
And expect acceptance from me
Your entitlement
To the liberty of impunity
Has led you astray
My neck of the woods is a treacherous place
For egos like yours
A slippery edge
Careless steps betray you to me

Baring teeth I see
You'll never take it as far as me
Yeah, cold teeth
Don't fold on me
There's no turning back
You opened this door
Face what you got comin

Victim turned abuser
Your scars, excuses
Mean nothing to me
Heavy heat boils over
Stabbing forward
Sinking Teeth in you
Sweet tooth for cowards like you
Weak shit
How fragile you are
I'm cutting you out, no pity for you
The love you need won't come from me
Track Name: Wolves
Run from me
Panicked feet on thin ice
Hopeless eyes
Desperation gets me off
Fear excites my lust
Our hearts race for the touch
I love the hunt
Wind beats your face, you run in vain
The path you wrought on others pain
It's electric
Our affair
The cruelty that brought you here
Bears down
You fall, exhausted
The wolves have come for you
Your screams for help savored
The wolves take what is due
Track Name: You Will Know Me
I got a feelin I need to express
Gonna take you somewhere special
Drag you to the edge of nothing, helpless
And watch you dangle
Witness my angle
You slip away
Destroy you
Destroy you
Yeah, I'd love to destroy you
Destroy you
You will know me when you realize
No hand is coming for yours
Feel the void carve you out
Leave you with nothing
Rip you out of life
All you could have seen
I throw away
Track Name: I, Master
I take the bite
Absolute eclipse
Zenith crushing
I am the end
I sink the teeth
White hot
I, Lord of heat
Iron hand
Terminal, my will

Relentless, I cut through
The bullshit they live life through
And push on you
To share their pain
To share their shame
Make you the same

They fear
Those who stand apart expose their weakness

You're god damned right
I dare to, and I do
I take
Nothing less
Always more

Rise and meet my eyes
I better smell you fucking burn
Nothing less
Always more

I gut their expectations
Their envy my elation
All attempts to tame me
Only harden to whom I yield
I, Master

I revel in my smell
The stars will die before I bend

I, Master
Track Name: No One & Nothing
I am afraid of burning down all who I touch
No reigns
No fucking way
I am a secret, it's easier this way.
I know too much
Alone forever

Where are my feelings
Do i have none
Hands that do not touch
Rejection for my lover
Fire, is all I have
What do I do with this
Who was there for me
No one and nothing
Track Name: Inheritance
I don't know purity
My naivete, ripped out
On me
A young boy

My body, yours to pound
My fluids flow
I'm gone

My suffering child
Inherit a life shattered by suffering

You see
You see what we've done with me
I'm lost
Love means nothing

Suffering children breed children born to suffer
Track Name: Mother
You left me alone to abuse

I wish I loved you
We're strangers
Crying in the dark
Longing for our love
The weight of knowing what we lost
My voice is your pain

I dreamt you old
Your guilty eyes reached out to me
I drifted away
Track Name: Untitled
I hunt my innocence with your agony
We both lose for my survival

Every death drowns a piece of me
That I can not afford to feel

Slide the blade of glass up your ass
I stare into your eyes
Your blood pours down my small hands
I watch your eyes die
We die together as I feed the burn inside
I can't forget your eyes
I won't forget your eyes
Your right to live
My right to die
Yours to live a life
Mine to die inside

I'm so sorry
Track Name: You're Gone
I followed you where no on should go
Through the edge
The blood is on my hands, alone
I killed for you

You left me
You left me behind
You left me

I'm trying so hard to see you
Touch you
My whole life I'm burning calling for you
Come back
Come back please
Come back to me
I can't breath
I can't breath without you
I need you
I need that feeling
I need the release
I need you and I know
You're gone
You're gone
I'll never breath
You're gone
I'll never have you again
You're gone