I, Master

from by Control



I take the bite
Absolute eclipse
Zenith crushing
I am the end
I sink the teeth
White hot
I, Lord of heat
Iron hand
Terminal, my will

Relentless, I cut through
The bullshit they live life through
And push on you
To share their pain
To share their shame
Make you the same

They fear
Those who stand apart expose their weakness

You're god damned right
I dare to, and I do
I take
Nothing less
Always more

Rise and meet my eyes
I better smell you fucking burn
Nothing less
Always more

I gut their expectations
Their envy my elation
All attempts to tame me
Only harden to whom I yield
I, Master

I revel in my smell
The stars will die before I bend

I, Master


from The Teeth & The Wounds, released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved



I've been lost in the void for so long, I'm gone. It's good to see you. The blade needs to cut deep, that's why you're here. The Blood must be spilled. You know this. My feelings are through the edge and the time for my voice, here. You will know me. ... more

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